Adventures After The Coronavirus

Gyms are closed, beaches are closed, parks are closed, now what? With this being the case over the last few months, we have all been struggling to find an outlet for us to maintain our mental and physical well being. It is difficult to find motivation to go outside and get moving during these tough times, but as we can see the light at the end of the tunnel for the Coronavirus, it is time to start planning the adventures to come! 



Being outside and staying active is so essential during times like these and it can be hard to spark the fire to get started on your own after a workout drought. That’s why we are here in Costa Rica! At Raw Surf and Fitness, we supply you with everything you could ever need during your retreat. From food to fitness and adventures, we have you covered!

Why force yourself to go back into the grey gym to use boring equipment and run on a machine when you can get back into the groove of working out with the best view in the world? Exercise on the beach with world class trainer Roger Hernadez while soaking up the sun and fresh air! Roger and Felipe are highly skilled in their operations and deliver supportive coaching, helping you improve and excel along the journey!


Implementing weights and creative workout equipment to keep everything fun and upbeat, you will enjoy every exercise session! When you are done with a workout and need to cool off, no gym shower is needed when the ocean is within arms reach! We are located ever so perfectly to have great surf and swimming beaches, no matter your skill level. The surf is world class from beginner to intermediate and is a great way to get a killer workout while having a ton of fun!



Experience Our Culture

After being cooped up in one place for so long, experiencing the amazing new culture of Costa Rica will not disappoint! With authentic food and plenty of adventures to explore, you’ll be stoked the whole time! Of course our focus is fitness and surfing but that doesn't mean we don't explore and enjoy ourselves outside of exercise. In between workouts and surf sessions, we indulge in the sun and beautiful scenic country of Costa Rica, going on excursions and adventures! 

You will not be experiencing this alone either! People from many different walks of life all come together and form a family-like bond through each adventure retreat, you will feel right at home, supported by new friends and coaches alike. Arriving as strangers and leaving as friends for life, you’ll head back home ready for the next adventure, feeling refreshed and ready to take on your fitness and health goals as you settle back into your normal routine, not to mention all the stories you’ll have to share!


Keeping Clean and Healthy

Cleanliness and catering to your health is our number one priority. With people traveling from many different locations, we have our precautions in place to keep everyone protected and safe moving forward.