Get to know RAW

A passion for fitness and surf turned into an adventure

RAW Surf & Fitness is a 5-day, all-inclusive retreat in Playa Grande, Costa Rica created to help you explore nature and reconnect with yourself—and your body—through adventure tourism, surf lessons and fitness classes. 

At RAW, we believe a stimulating trip can be exciting and relaxing, all at the same time, therefore, we offer an experience within a breathtaking jungle and the crashing waves of Casitas waiting for you to dive in. 

Since 2019 we’ve been hosting the retreat for visitors who land from all over the world 

This experience is ideal for: 

  • People looking to decompress from their routine and explore nature 
  • Families (kids are welcome) 
  • Adventurers and nature lovers
  • Yogis 
  • Fitness trainers and enthusiasts 
  • Surfers (all levels and ages) 



RAW Surf & Fitness comes from the partnership of Roger and Felipe. Two friends eager to show tourists around the world a new perspective on adventure and fun in nature

Roger Hernández

Fitness enthusiast, entrepreneu and co-founder of RAW Surf & Fitness. Roger brings the explorer spice to our tour, his love for nature, animals and fitness drove him to create an experience meant to help others re-connect with themselves through adventure tourism.

Felipe Volio

Surf guru, entrepreneur, and co-founder of RAW. Felipe was born and raised in Costa Rica and his love for Playa Grande lead him to create projects oriented to share with tourists around the world the island's wonders.