Surf Retreats: The New Fitness Trend You’ll Actually Want to Get On Board With

There’s no doubt that surf culture is the definition of cool. Ever since the Beach Boys dedicated an entire music career to sun, sand, and surfboards, the sport has grown into a worldwide phenomenon that has since joined forces with other trends like yoga, athletic fashion, and now, wellness retreats. 

Surf retreats are riding a new wave of wellness, combining fitness with R&R for a low-key, high-octane trip you won’t forget. Most notably, everyone from pro surfers to experienced travelers, entire families and bachelorette parties, corporate execs and Costa Rica locals are jumping on board to experience it for themselves.

What is a Surf Retreat, Anyway?

Getting a vacation and a workout at the same time is an up-and-coming travel trend that’s gaining steam around the world. We’ve been on the cusp of a wellness revolution for years as more people are taking an interest in their health and mental well-being, and surf retreats are helping to fuel healthier lifestyles.

Simply put, a surf retreat is a surf-focused itinerary that fuses wellness and workouts. It’s about disconnecting from devices and engaging your mind and body with nature, both on land and in the water. Everything from meals to lodging to activities are taken care of on your behalf, so all you need to do is book your trip and show up. 


What’s Included in a Surf & Fitness Retreat

At our surf and fitness retreat in Costa Rica, we focus on surfing as our primary body-and-mind experience. But we also take advantage of Costa Rica’s magnitude of amazing sights and adventures, including snorkeling, swimming, kayaking, and even hiking to one of the country’s most beautiful waterfalls. 

As for the wellness aspect, surf retreats tailor every comfort and amenity to promote a higher level of well-being. The rooms are rustic and minimalist without sacrificing comfort, giving you a distraction-free environment conducive to relaxation. Meals are carefully planned using healthy, high-quality ingredients that provide fuel for your day’s adventures. And the atmosphere is usually social and convivial, allowing guests to connect with each other and leave as old friends. 

Our guides do all the planning for you so you can stress less and enjoy a higher level of self care. 

Treat Your Mind and Body to a Vacation You Won’t Have to Recover From

Too often, we take vacations with the intention of relaxing and escaping the daily grind, but the places we choose to travel to aren’t conducive to our physical and mental well-being. Fighting through crowds, encountering hidden expenses, and spending countless hours planning your trip are nothing short of stressful (how did Disney earn the designation of “happiest place on Earth” anyway?), and more often than not, we need a vacation just to recover from our vacation!

Surf retreats are poised to provide the R&R you’re looking for in a vacation, offering all the benefits of exotic traveling and giving your mind and body a boost in the process. 

Explore our website for more details and start planning your next escape!