Surfing Casitas - Playa Grande

Casitas Overview

Casitas is located in Playa Grande, Costa Rica. Home to some of the best surfing in the country, this spot allows beginners and advanced riders alike to enjoy the beautiful waters. Providing mid-size waves with a sandy bottom, it's no surprise Casitas has made a name for itself in the surfing world. 

Surf Conditions  

This spot attracts riders from all over the world with a variety of skill levels which makes for a diverse crowd. Keep an eye out for kooky longboarders and watch some high-level riders tear up the scene. Casitas has a west facing coast so the ideal swell is SW or NW with an offshore wind from NNE to ENE. Casitas shines with a mid-large swell, when other nearby breaks could be too sloppy or hectic. This makes it perfect for intermediate riders, especially on those bigger days.


The Season

Casitas delivers good conditions on a fairly consistent basis, but July and August are the best months. You'll often be scoring solid southwest swell with offshore winds and tourism is less prominent during these times so the break will be much less crowded. This spot usually starts breaking about 2 hours after low tide and will stay on until high tide when it turns into a slightly sloppier longboard wave.

What Gear Do I Need?

Though the weather is beautiful, it is suggested that you bring a wetsuit if the winds have been blowing all day or even for several days the temperatures can drop to the low 60s. Oh if you're lucky however you'll score the normal temp of 75 to 80 a wetsuit top should save the day in most cases.


The Raw Surf Retreat 

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