What a Natural Workout Looks Like at Raw Surf and Fitness

Adventure seekers and nature thrillists worldwide know that Costa Rica is a destination that’s been well traveled, yet still contains untapped secrets and surprises at every turn. It’s the place where nature doesn’t just complement your surroundings — it’s infused into everything you see and do. And at Raw Surf and Fitness, we’re dedicated to upholding this philosophy and have embraced it as our own.

Our surf retreats are a total mind and body experience that will leave you feeling worked and accomplished, but when it comes to flexing your fun, we don’t stop at the board. Our natural, custom gym equipment inspires, challenges, and thrills, and pairs perfectly with the sand beneath your feet and a sweeping view of the sea. 

The result: a workout that looks as amazing as it feels.

Custom Gym Equipment Inspired By Nature

We’ve taken the term ‘jungle gym’ to a whole new level, and we’re not letting a bad pun stop us from savoring it. From free weights to pull up bars, each piece of exercise equipment at our resort was designed with Costa Rica’s scenic beauty in mind. They look so natural in our space that you might even think these pieces were placed here by Mother Nature herself. 

The smooth, brown hues of our real wood workout gear look like we plucked them right from a tree. Of course, they did come from trees, but in an ethically sourced, low-impact way that adds nature back into itself. Dumbbells, kettlebells, parallel bars, and even workout benches for bench presses and other movements create a one-of-a-kind outdoor gym that will inspire you to push hard, feel confident, and reignite your fitness passion. 

Fitness with a View

In true surf retreat fashion, we’ve sourced a waterside spot for our fitness resort. We also incorporate our unique locale into our jungle gym workouts, offering you a little seaside inspiration to help you through your workout. 

There’s just something more satisfying and rewarding about working out in the sand. In fact, many of our guests use the smooth, wet sand to help them in their workout, such as pushing heavy pieces along the silky surface for leg strength training. 

And when you’re done (or simply need a break), the water is just a few steps away. A crisp, refreshing dip in the salty water can wash away the sweat and stress, cool you down, and soothe your hard-working muscles. 

How’s that for motivation?

Fitness Travel Done Right

Naturally, a surf retreat isn’t supposed to be all work — while you’re working on your body and mind, we also want to make sure you’re enjoying yourself and everything Costa Rica has to offer. We plan day excursions that take you through the country’s scenic beauty and cater to your thrillist side so you can indulge your senses in more ways than one. And given the effort we’ve put into crafting highly unique fitness travel experiences, you’ll always feel like you’re on vacation time.

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